Kat Florez


Supervisory Special Agent


Major Case Response Team-Team Leader




115 Pounds




Smith and Wesson M1911 .45 ACP


Los Angeles, CA

NCIS Service

12 years

Physical Description Edit

Kat is short with a very athletic build, she has long legs and and long hair that falls around her shoulders when she is off duty. On duty she keeps it in a pony tail. Kat has several scars two on her arms, one on her chest and one on her abdomen where she was shot on duty twice. She has one scar on her right side where she was stabbed.

Family Edit

Mother: Marie Hatfield Father: Jonathan Hatfield Siblings:n/a Spouse: Divorced Children: Heather Florez (3)

Other information Edit

Hobbies: Kat loves to read and studying different languages but she prefers hands on hobbies, she teaches a womens self defense class in her spare time, she loves to surf and fix cars

Ambitions: Be the best damn agent she can be

Strengths: Kat is a very strong women, and a damn good marksman

Weakness: Kat has had a lot of heart ache which has made her cold to the men around her.

Languages: Kat speaks English, Arabic, Japanese, Spanish and French

History Edit

Kat is the only daughter of Marie and Jon Hatfield. She was born and raised in L.A. Her father was a very abusive man and would frequently beat her claiming how useless and ugly she was. Kat left home at 15 and followed a childhood dream of modeling. She did modeling for a few years until she was attacked on her way home from a photo shoot and stabbed. When she turned 19 she joined the L.A. Police department on the SWAT team where she was the only women. Kat started collage for degrees in criminal justice, Forensic psychology, and forensic science she wanted badly to become an FBI profiler.

After graduating top of her class she was recruited by NCIS where she met Director Frank Florez.

On an undercover mission her cover was blown and she was shot once in the arm and once in the chest. She was rushed to the hospital and underwent 2 surgeries where she nearly died.

2 years later a drug bust went bad she was taken hostage where she was beat and shot in arm when she wouldn't give the suspect information. When her team came to rescue her she was shot in the stomach before the suspect fled. He was later caught and committed suicide by cop.

She married Frank a year later after 4 years of marriage she found out he was cheating on her and she divorced him a year later. He had her transferred to the great lakes naval base in retaliation.