Louise-Cerise Régnier M.A MS




Support Personnel- Chief Coroner




140 Pounds

Date of Birth

01/August/1970 (Age 39)


Glock 21


New York, NY

Years With NCIS

3 years

Physical Description: The most characteristic features of Louise-Cerise are her blonde hair and her blue eyes. She has a typical English skin, she can’t sunbathe very much because in her skin appear spots easily. She has got very sweet features, the fringe is not O.K. for her, because it covers her eyes, one of her most beautiful features.

Family Mother: Amanda Régnier Father: Andrew Régnier Siblings: None Spouse: Mark Hamilton (Ex) Children: Madaline Régnier

Other information

Hobbies: Chess, Painting, writing poetry and Caligrafy

Ambitions: To become Surgeon General of the United States

Strengths: Slicing and Dicing

Weakness: Dealing with sick children, Letting people get close.

Languages: English, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese


Louise-Cerise was born in New York during her child hood she wanted one thing to be a doctor. She was a Straight A student through High School and gained a scholarship to go through college and gained her degree in Defence law she practised for 2 years solely working solely in medical malpractice. She then modelled for a short time to pay her way through med school where she graduated as a Surgeon but found she was unable to deal with the children she seem to frequently get. So She did a year a cornery medicine and Married Mark and after 9 months she had Madaline shortly after Maddy was born Mark cheated on Louise and she shot him in the leg and filed for devorce she then joined the NCIS team as its Chief Coroner and given the rank of full commander.