M4 Carbine with ACOG Scope and verticle forgrip

The M4 Carbine is a fixture among tactical law enforcement and military units. The M4 is a lighter, more compact version of the M16 Rifle originally designed by Eugene Stoner for use by the US Military.


The technical data listed below is for M4 Carbines in service with Naval Station Great Lakes' NCIS Field Office.

  • TYPE: Selective Fire Carbine
  • LENGTH: 33 Inches <Stock extended>, 28 Inches <Stock Collapsed>, barrel 14.5 inches
  • WEIGHT:5.9 Pounds Empty, 6.9 Pounds w/ 30 round magazine.
  • CARTRIDGE:5.56x45mm NATO
  • ACTION:Gas-operated, rotating bolt
  • RATE OF FIRE:700-950 round/min cyclic
  • FEED:20 or 30 round STANAG box Magazine
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: Accessory rails for various sights, lights, aiming devices, and other attachments.
  • RANGE:Effective, 300 meters. Maximum, 800 Meters.


The M4 carbine is used primarily for the Contingency Response Team, although each NCIS-Operated vehicle comes equipped with at least one M4 for tactical situations.

When fitted with ACOG or telescopic sights, the M4 can be used as an improvised sniper rifle, although it's short 14.5 inch barrel reduces it's accuracy when compared to the M4's parent weapon, the M16.