NCIS, like many law enforcement agencies, has it's own rank structure they probably have more then we know


DIRECTOR: The Director of NCIS is the administrator for the Agency. The Director is usually, but not always, a sworn agent. The Director is the Chief Executive Officer for the Agency. The Current NCIS Director is Leon Vance.

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Assistant Directors head up various departments within NCIS. Many of these ADs aren't Special Agents, but specialists in the field that their department attends to.

DEPUTY ASSISTANT DIRECTORS: Deputy Assistant Directors are in charge of NCIS Field Offices around the world. NCIS Great Lakes is lead by Deputy Assistant Director A.J. Smith.


SUPERVISORY SPECIAL AGENT: Supervisory Special Agents are the field leaders of NCIS. Supervisory Special Agents lead teams such as Major Case Teams, and are in charge of smaller field offices.

SPECIAL AGENT: Special Agents are the field officers of NCIS. They are responsible for investigating crimes, serving warrants, and arresting and apprehending the offenders. Special Agents fall into a number of unofficial categories:

  • Special Agent in Charge: Special Agents in charge of small teams, and also in charge of teams assigned Afloat.
  • Senior Field Agent: Senior Field Agents are experienced investigators working on Specialty teams such as Major Case, Violent Crimes, and CRTs. SFAs are training to be Special Agents in Charge or Supervisory Special Agents.
  • Field Agents: Most Special agents are classified as Field Agents. Field agents are the backbone of the Agency.
  • Junior Field Agents: JFAs are investigators who are still learning the ropes. JFA may also be applied to the junior agent assigned to a team. Many JFAs are in their 2-year Probationary period, hence the nickname "Probie."

While unofficial, earning an increase in paygrade as a Special Agent usually means moving up the ladder.