Naval Station Great Lakes is a United States Naval installation located in Lake County, Illinois. Naval Station Great Lakes is home of Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, currently the only recruit training center for the US Navy. All US Navy enlisted recruits will pass through Great Lakes.


Naval Station Great Lakes is located on the shore of Lake Michigan, roughly half way between Chicago (to the south) and Milwaukee, Wisconsin (To the north.) The area enjoys warm, humid summers and cold winters, with temperature fluxuations in the spring and fall. The base is located within proximity to one major interstate highway, I-94, and several state and county highways pass through the Great Lakes reservation.


The population of Great Lakes is difficult to nail down definitively, since many of it's residents are military personnel in training, most of whom will stay at Great Lakes for less than one year. Great Lakes may have as many as 25,000 Recruits and Students stationed at any one time, and total population may be as many as 50,000 Officers, Enlisted, and Civilians at any one time.


Naval Station Great Lakes is home to Recruit Training Command, where sailors undergo Bootcamp. RTC is located west of the Amstutz Expressway and Sheridan Road, and sits on both sides of Buckley Rd.

Also at Great Lakes is Training Support Center, located along the lake shore, where sailors undergo advanced training for many Navy rates.